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President's Message

Greetings TRI-STATE Members!

It’s a new season upon us when snow finally melts, trees begin to bloom and the streets look lively and green again. Never in my lifetime would I ever image we would experience such unprecedented times and we would be dealing with a Pandemic and the uncertainty we all have to face in the next few months. I am sad for all the families that have lost loved ones due to the coronavirus and know we can get through this together and overcome and become strong again. I have never been prouder to serve as your state society President. Many of our members have been working tirelessly caring for patients, working in laboratories, hospitals, doctors’ offices and teaching new students as well as homeschooling their own children. I SALUTE you all!!!

Tristate Scientific / Business meetings are usually held in October. I hope we can meet together this year but not sure it will be a possibility. I am working on other ways to conduct our meeting and will be very happy to take suggestions from our members. I welcome any interested speakers.

I would love to add our members "stories and experiences" they have / had during their quarantine to our fall newsletter. Please send to our Tristate new email

In the meantime, stay certified, be sure you update your profile with AMT and pay your dues, so you are sure to receive all the benefits membership provides as well as receiving emails with updated information.

Stay safe, stay healthy and care for one another, love, smile and laugh with your family and friends - we will all beat this together!

Kind regards,
Phyllis Nordby
Phyllis Nordby, RMA
Tristate President