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Great Lakes Councillor Message

Fall 2019

Welcome to your AMT Councillor's message and if you are reading this, you are on your very own AMT state website or on the AMT state newsletter. It is always a joy to invite readers and web visitors to catch up on the AMT "news".

We had an outstanding AMT National Convention on July 1st through July 5th this year. We had 401 members in attendance in Chicago, Illinois. These members come to this once a year AMT National Convention from throughout the United States and internationally also.

Yes, it truly was an outstanding meeting. Why do I use this word "OUTSTANDING" over and over again?

Several reasons for the word, Outstanding:

  • Keynote Speaker, Chip Madera at www.chipmadera.com
  • AMT National Leadership and Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director
  • AMT Education department
  • AMT Scientific/Speaker Committee
  • AMT Welcome party Committee
  • AMT Executive Councillor and your District Councillors
  • AMT Organization as a whole with its volunteer members

There are so many ways AMT is outstanding in its education and certification. Also, with the AMT National state societies it upholds. We had great speakers this year, please read your state newsletters for the delegate reports. We had several speakers from the Great Lakes District States, even one I work with closely in our MeryOne Family Medicine Clinic.

Tracy Mixdorf, D.O. She is a great supporter of AMT within this organization. She also sits on the RMA/EQS committee of AMT. There were over 80 people in attendance to listen to her talk (for those of you who attended, that was not me in the video, it was my look alike). Like many other speakers, there were very good subjects, workshops and real time news. Watch for next year's topics coming at the beginning of the year, 2020!

Many of the states in this district reached the goal of Honor Roll this year. The states are Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin. Indiana is up and coming with new revived leadership in place. We look forward to them meeting their goals soon. Congratulations to your individual states! It takes a team and you are all working together to meet your goals! Thank you.

The Great Lakes District had award winners for the GEM award, Heather Herring, MT, (Minnesota) past AMT National board member. Two winners in our Great Lakes for Distinguished Achievement Awards: Queen Bolden, RMA(Michigan) and Janice Goldsmith, MT (Indiana). One of three winners of the PIllar Award this year was myself, Bev Christiansen (Iowa), your Great Lakes District Councillor. I am truly honored and humbled to have received this award.

Congratulations to the current award winners!

Thank you to all involved with the award process, this is not an easy task for so many talented people to choose from within our AMT organization. Please let your leaders in your state know if you would like to be considered for an award through your AMT volunteerism and they will try to make this happen for you. You may be considered for these awards through involvement in the AMT membership, committees and leadership. You are welcome to join in at each state anytime. Please contact your leadership team and they will encourage you to begin your chance to be on the road to an award and great fellowship and networking. You may find your "Outstanding" leaders in your states on the www.americanmedtech.org website under state society and click on our state to navigate to the page.

Next Year's AMT National Convention and Annual Business meeting will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 13 to July 16, 2020. Yes, it is moved away from the July 4th holiday!

As a 20 plus year AMT member, I am humbled to be part of the AMT leadership team that is a liaison of our Great Lakes District states between the Executive Councilor, Edna Anderson, the AMT National Board and AMT National Office to the state societies in this district.

This is truly an honor to be delegated with this responsibility to help guide direction within these states.

As always, if you have either a delightful moment or would like to share some concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you, and Happy Fall!

Bev Christiansen, RMA
Great Lakes District Councillor