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Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!

Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!


Message from the President:

Hello Members,

Due to Coronavirus concerns and the health and safety of our members the meeting on October 24 has been cancelled. Please check back often for future meeting updates and information.

Ozzie Skinner MT(AMT)
FLSSAMT President

Message from the Website Editor:

Welcome back treasured FLSSAMT members!

It has been quite the eventful year, this 2020, and not always in a good way. Many of us have lost, homes, family and friends, lost businesses, experienced storms, fires, and flooding, watched unrest due to anger over inequality and feelings of despair. We were either out of work or were working almost beyond limits, meeting the demands of and fighting against this unprecedented year of disasters. For those leading the fight in hospitals, labs, medical facilities, medical manufacturing and EMS, we are grateful beyond measure. These heroes work to provide services and protective equipment in massive numbers, work tirelessly to save lives and property from destruction, work with the sick and dying, look for cures and vaccines - despite the danger and despite the strife in their own lives. Our hearts are with every one of you.

As a whole, we are masked, limited in activity throughout our daily lives, are constantly vigilant, facing hardship after hardship and we as a nation are tired. We grieve the ability to gather together for comradery, celebrations, laughter, exchange of ideas, support in our times of despair, and even the chance to say goodbye to those we have lost. It is wearing on us all. It begins to feel as if every breath we take, everything we touch, every call we answer may be fraught with danger or sadness. Everyone feels it. Your AMT/FLSSAMT leadership feels it, even as we must cancel, again, our next meeting, previously scheduled for October 24th.

We know you need CE credits, we know you have licensure requirements to meet and we so wish we could provide these opportunities to you... in person, where you can interact, be a part of a whole, express opinions, seek solutions, ask questions, see and speak with colleagues and friends. Remember, though online is just not the same, AMT is working feverishly to provide articles that will meet your needs. Look to Americanmedtech.org for CE opportunities. Write a CE article and submit for publication. Read and participate in CE articles in the Pulse. FLSSAMT is in discussion for the same. We just do not know when this will all end. And even if we are not ready for large gatherings in the Spring, we are in discussions to bring you a virtual meeting, or at the least recorded presentations for our website. Again, not the same, but something allowing personal participation, and hopefully to allow the sharing of ideas.

2020 has become something of insane proportions to survive, obstacles, one after the other, to overcome. But we WILL make it through. We CAN and we WILL. We are resilient, despite our fatigue, our trials, disasters, and our losses. We will. We can hear each other’s voices, feel each other’s support through the written word and phone calls, be together by Zoom and all the other online spaces designed for community. We can still be creative, find avenues to pursue something new. Do not allow yourselves to be more isolated than need be... Find a safe outlet for stress. Remember what is really important. Reach out, we have each other, a virtual hand to hold. You CAN do this. We all can. Together.

Stay safe, Stay Strong, 2020 STRONG and as always, Pay it Forward whenever you can. Extend that virtual hand to support each other. You will feel better for it.

I am here.

Kathleene Hardy, RMA (AMT)