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Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!

Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!

Message from the President:

Hello Members,

Due to Coronavirus concerns and the health and safety of our members the meeting on April 4 has been cancelled. Please check back often for future meeting updates and information.

Ozzie Skinner MT(AMT)
FLSSAMT President

Message from the Website Editor:

Welcome back, FLSSAMT. It has been a trying spring for us all. Social gatherings and vacations cancelled, restaurants and businesses closing, quarantines, “stay at home” orders and employment interruptions due to the rapidly spreading Corona virus (COVID19). As responsible leaders, we decided our Spring meeting should be cancelled. The AMT Annual Meeting July 13 - 16, has been cancelled as well. The Magnolia Educational Treasures is October 2 – 3, and our FLSSAMT Business and Educational meeting in Ft. Lauderdale remains October 24th. Still plenty of opportunity for CE credits. Check out the new AMT Pulse magazine for even more CE opportunities.

I want to give a shout out to all our healthcare personnel who continue to be on the frontlines of our newest zombie apocalypse – COVID 19. They willingly and tirelessly put themselves out there – in harm’s way – for all of us everywhere. They face the dangers of deadly exposure under the duress of short staffing, increased workload, pay unequal to the tasks, supply shortages and little thanks. They do this because they love what they do and because they care – they care passionately about their profession and the patients who need them. As our state begins to re-open, do take EVERY opportunity to show your care and appreciation for these dedicated individuals – through word and, most especially, actions:

  • STAY HOME whenever possible to avoid exposure
  • SANITIZE CAREFULLY surface areas of your home or office that could spread the virus
  • WASH YOUR HANDS often and thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap and water
  • Use hand sanitizer if not near wash facilities
  • COUGH AND SNEEZE INTO A TISSUE or the crook of your arm
  • PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING – 3 feet and best 6 feet from each other
  • IF YOU ARE SICK STAY HOME in an isolated room to avoid infecting others in your family
  • SEE YOUR PHYSICIAN - GET TESTED at the first sign of illness or fever
  • DON’T HOARD: if we all stay calm and avoid overbuying there will be enough supplies for everyone. If we panic and overstock, it leaves others going without basic necessities

We can do this! We CAN get through COVID 19 with the collective efforts of all of us, as individuals.

Stay safe FLSSAMT. Lend a hand to those in need, and remember if we are responsible, we can stave of this monster quicker, with fewer deaths.

Respectfully, and thankfully,
Kathleene Hardy, RMA