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Eastern District Councillor Message

Greetings Eastern District Members

I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to spring forward to embrace new beginnings with new agendas.

As a member AMT for 25 years, I have been active within NYSSAMT and AMT Nationals in numerous committees. The extent of my work experience is from research lab assistant, patient health care, allied health instructor, and lab accessioning. Presently, as an integral part of the NYSSAMT path in providing schools and students with real world experience, by invitation I participate in various school and student activities. This year at the AMT National, I will join the members of the convention committee.

On that note, I want to encourage the members to register early for the AMT National Convention to Memphis, Tennessee July 17 to 21, 2016 before May 1st. This early bird registration will be $200 whereas after the deadline it will be $425. The discount will expire after May 1st without extension. Hotel room reservation rates will apply July 12 to July 26, 2016, however reservation “cut-off” date for the current rates, is June 22, 2016 (upon room availability). AMT National Convention program will be available at the AMT website (americanmedtech.org). Carefully review the changes on the format of the program. 2016 program will start Sunday with five workshops.

Next year, 2017 AMT convention will be at Kansas City, Missouri, Intercontinental Hotel July 9 to 13.

An alert reminder to all members to comply with the Certification Continuation Program (CCP) by recording your CEUs online in the AMTrax at the AMT website. It is very important that you enter your CEUs in order to maintain an active certification.

The states must remember to submit copies of the attendance sheets to the AMT office for each session of your state meetings. It serves as verification that the member has attended the session and is claiming it for CE.

There is a modified speaker presentation form that includes an area for objectives. The form can be found on the State leaders resources page under meeting forms at the AMT website.

Dental Assistant Week is March 6 - 12, 2016 and Medical Lab Professional Week is April 24 - 30, 2016. Remember to celebrate and recognize these members for their contribution to patient health care.

Looking forward to visiting the societies this year and meeting the members. See you at the Memphis convention.

With best regards,
Ivette Rivera, BS, RMA, RPT, AHI