Student Societies

AMT encourages schools to form AMT student chapters. Student chapters can be started for any allied health program for which AMT offers certification. A student society is an excellent way for students to network, get to know one another, and to learn teambuilding and leadership skills. It also encourages students and faculty to work together on programs, meetings and special events for the community. The skills a student learns from either leading a society, being in charge of a fundraiser or activity and working together in a group will be invaluable to his/her chosen career.

Since most allied health programs are 1-2 years in length, student societies should be formed immediately at the start of the program. It is also recommended that if a school has more than one type of allied health program, a single society be formed that is inclusive of all specialties. A school or group of students may decide to hold different events by program, but one society is recommended.


  • At least one planning meeting
  • At least one meeting that includes an educational program
  • At least one community project (e.g., blood pressure screening, assisting with health fairs, bloodmobiles, etc.)

Guidelines and Forms for Forming a Student Society (Download)

If you have any questions, please call AMT: 847-823-5169 ext. 226