Medical Lab Assistant

Medical Laboratory Assistant (CMLA) Applicants shall meet one of the following eligibility routes:
Applicant shall take and pass the appropriate AMT certification examination.

Applicant shall have graduated from, or scheduled to graduate from, an academic course (or combined courses) of study that includes a minimum of 200 didactic clock hours AND a minimum of 120 hours of documented, approved clinical laboratory experience.  Of the 200 didactic clock hours, a minimum of 100 hours must have been devoted to the study of fundamental laboratory technology.

Additional Requirements:
  • Applicants must have graduated from their academic programs within the past FIVE years.  Applicants graduating longer than five years from the date of the application must provide evidence of approved laboratory experience
Applicant shall have satisfactorily completed a minimum of 1,040 hours of work experience within the past three years in which laboratory technology was the primary focus.  While all experiential hours must have been gained in a healthcare setting, a minimum of 520 hours must have been devoted specifically to the performance of clinical laboratory duties.

Applicant Corner

AMT offers many ways for you to get involved as you work toward your certification.  Check out the following options: