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Welcome to the Ohio State Society Website!

Photo by Sheryl Scott


President's Message

Welcome to the President’s message. Thank you for coming to our OHSSAMT website. This site is a great way to keep up to date on what is going on at our state level.

You can register and get programs for up coming educational seminars. You can read your journals online. We are encouraging our members to use our online services as much as possible. If you need to update your contact information, please contact the editor at OHSSAMT@gmail.com.

Our AMT National Convention was held on July 1st through July 5th in Chicago this year. We had eight delegates represent Ohio. Two of those delegates were first time attendees. They enjoyed themselves the entire time they were there. I hope that you read the delegate reports in the upcoming journals.

I was very excited that we had four University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash Assistant Professors represent Ohio at the convention. They were all presenters. Kimberly Munson RMA, RPT(AMT) was one of those presenters. They were all very well received.

Your board continues to work to get AMT’s name out into the medical community and affiliated schools. Your current vice president, Vanessa Austin RMA, AHI (AMT) has been working with the national education department to go out to the schools and present a program about AMT, who we are, and what we have to offer. Vanessa has been working with many of the large hospitals to help get the employees certified.

Many of your board serve on multiple advisory boards to represent AMT. If you know of any employers or schools in your area that would like to speak with us, please contact us at OHSSAMT@gmail.com

Every year the board works hard to find OHSSAMT members to give state awards to. This year we were honored to award both our first-time delegates with state awards. Kimberly Munson RMA, RPT (AMT) received the OHSSAMT RMA of the Year Award and the Board of Director’s Award. We felt that she volunteered her time at the 2018 Great Lakes District Conference, was a presenter at the 2019 spring educational seminar, a presenter at the 2019 AMT National Convention, and helped to get other speakers from the University of Cincinnati. Amy Heine RPT (AMT) received the OHSSAMT RPT of the Year Award and the OHSSAMT President’s Award. We felt that she volunteered at every state meeting that she attended. She filled in where needed. The President’s Award is given to a member that goes above and beyond to help the president or board during the year. This year the editor was unable to attend the AMT National Convention. Amy stepped up and volunteered to attend all the editor’s required meetings and workshops. She recorded and filed reports which were submitted to the editor. The board awards an award to a non-AMT member or business that helps to support or volunteer for OHSSAMT. This year the board awarded the Friends of OHSSAMT Award to the University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash because they provided speakers for our 2018 Great Lakes District Conference, 2019 OHSSAMT spring educational seminar, and the 2019 AMT National Convention, and have offered to continue to provide speakers for future seminars.

The editor is asking members to write articles for the journal. The articles do not need to be long but do need to be pertinent and relevant to the AMT disciplines. If you have questions as to how to write an article, please contact the editor at OHSSAMT@gmail.com.

Just a reminder when you renew your membership, it will cost you $5 to have a renewal card mailed to you. You can go to your “my homepage” and print of a card.

AMT will now provide a new text messaging service for those members that would like to receive reminders about dues renewals, attending seminars, etc. Go to “my homepage” and click on “Update Your Information”.

Sheryl Scott RMA (AMT)
President OHSSAMT