On-Demand Courses

On-Demand courses are stand-alone courses presented online as an additional source of CE and available 24/7. Courses are generally one hour in length and include a quiz that must be completed with a passing score to receive the CE credit. Most courses award 1 CE credit. (Note: CE credit may only be claimed once for each on-demand course.)

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Vitamin D -- Why all the Fuss?
PSA, Free PSA, Complex PSA and Prostate Cancer
Followership: You Choose Your Path
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Medical Assistants
Collection of Diagnostic Venous Blood Specimens Standards Update
Special Needs of the Geriatric Patient
Eating Disorders
The Challenges of Antimicrobial Resistance
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
Using Real Life Case Studies to Promote Critical Thinking
Opioid Epidemic
Changes in Healthcare Demands Increase the Need of Point of Care Test

Understanding the Opioid Public Health Crisis
Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE): The Latest on Superbugs
D-Dimer and its Application in Suspected VTE
Alzheimer's Disease: A Closer Look at the Disease, Medications and Research
Pre-Analytical Variables in the Coag Lab: Why Does It Matter?
Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking
Biomarkers in Heart Failure and Acute Kidney Injury
Emerging Infectious Diseases of the Twenty-First Century
Adult and Pediatric Immunization Case Studies
Allied Health Professionals Testifying as Trial Witnesses
Drug Resistance in Gram-Negative Organisms
Essentials for Transformation-The Journey to Becoming a Patient Centered Health Care Home
Is your OSHA Plan Up to Date?
Clinical Microbiology-Case Studies
Molecular Testing-“Changing the Game”
Overcoming Adversity
Genetics of Myeloid Malignancies
Global Travel, Global Malaria
Transfusion Medicine: Back to the Future
Molecular Methods in Microbiology
Urinary Crystals: Formation, Identification and Connotation
Wound Care Assessment - Basic Components and When to Consider Using a Specialist
Blending Learning Styles and Teaching Methods
Laboratory Response to MERS in the United States
Colorectal Cancer Screening: Early Detection Can Lead to Prevention
The Vampire Diaries: The Tale of Healthcare Acquired Anemia
DNA In Forensic Investigation
Understanding and Identifying Renal Disease
Our Journey From 5 to 6 Part Differential
Mold: A Medical Mycologists Perspective
Managing Your Way Through Change
Transfusion Support of the Hematology-Oncology Patient
DNA Mutations
CAP /CLIA Requirements for New Method Validation
Promoting Good Point-of-Care Practices for Waived Testing
Medical Assisting: Are You Doing What You are Supposed to be Doing?
Patient Medical Conditions that Affect Dental Treatment
Laboratory Quality Control Based Risk Management
Stress Management in the Workplace
ECG and its Use for Diagnosing Cardiac Conditions
Lean Six Sigma Implementing 5 S in the Laboratory
Leadership & Mentorship
Update on Aspirin and Plavix Sensitivity and Resistance Testing
Dealing with Difficult People
Medical Errors in Healthcare Settings
Medical Errors/HIPAA (HITECH Act)

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