How Does the CCP Program Work?

General Instructions

  1. Obtain, record and track points throughout your three-year CCP cycle using AMTrax. Keep supporting documentation in a file for your records for audit purposes.
  2. Before the end of your three-year CCP cycle:
  • If you have been tracking with AMTrax and you reach the required number of CCP points, you will automatically be considered "compliant" for this three-year CCP cycle. You will then automatically be rolled into your next CCP cycle.
  • If you have NOT been tracking with AMTrax and/or you have not yet reached your required number of CCP points, you will receive a CCP compliance notice multiple times prior to the end of your three-year cycle noting how many CCP points are still outstanding and asking you to attest to reaching the required number of points by the end of your CCP cycle. You will need to obtain the required number of points and either record your points in AMTrax or send the CCP Attestation Form to AMT in order to remain in compliance.

AMT does NOT accept documents for review and entry into AMTrax.

There are no fees associated with CCP specifically, although an annual renewal fee is required to maintain your active certified member status.

Certified members who do not meet CCP requirements, or those who are audited and do not provide supporting documentation, are considered Non-Compliant and will be decertified.

What Qualifies for CCP?
As a general rule of thumb, if your activity relates to a specific item on the exam content outline of the certification you achieved, the activity will qualify.
View your specific exam content outline.

Generally, AMT will accept any activity that meets at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Does it help you do your (health care) job better?
  2. Does it advance your knowledge in the health care field?
  3. Does it prepare you for an advanced management or health care degree or a different program of study in health care?

Examples of acceptable documentation are listed under each Qualifying Activity.

Defensible Criteria

Each year AMT will perform a random audit. Those chosen for an audit must produce documentation to support the certification continuation activities attested to. AMT recommends that members keep supporting documentation in a file so that they can be fully prepared to submit to AMT, if requested.

If audited or recertifying/reactivating, you will be required to submit documentation supporting your claimed CCP points. If clear criteria have not been met, you will need to defend your claimed points and why you believe they qualify.

CCP Guidance Document

Member Corner

Certification represents your declaration of professional competence, both current and ongoing. This declaration is for your benefit, as well as for your employer and for the public-at-large.  It is important to stay certified

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