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The John M. “Dusty” Rhodes LIFE Award

Those receiving the John M. “Dusty” Rhodes Life Award share these qualities that “Dusty” shared such as these.

L—LEADERSHIP: In his lab, in the State Society, on the National level and in the many committees where he served.

I—INITIATIVE: In establishing the State Society, in speaking out for the Registry in some dark days, in guiding individuals and committees in the profession and in our organizations.

F—FRIENDSHIP: In his community, in his work, in everyday life; this quality was exemplified in being truly concerned with individuals as a strong supporter and, sometimes a severe task master.

E—ERUDITION: Knowledge, scholarship; always learning more and sharing it, never at a loss for words.

Qualifications and Methods of Selection

Individuals nominated should exemplify the qualities in name of the award; someone with foresight, continuous service, loyalty, sincerity, and compassion. Lack of service/experience on the National level does not exclude nomination. Workers on the State Society level are the foundation of our organization.

The LIFE Awards Committee of the Virginia State Society of American Medical Technologists will make the selection from the nominations received.
Award Nomination Form (Download fillable form)