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President's Message

TxSSAMT was recognized at the 2019 AMT National Convention by receiving the Honor Roll Award for all our hard work on the journal, reports and conference preparation. Jorge Lopez received the Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award. Janie Rodman and Ivan Webb received their 50-year pins. Bill Durfee (husband to TxSSAMT past president and Central District Councillor Taffy Durfee) was awarded the Friends of AMT award. It was a fabulous award ceremony and huge congratulations to everyone!

The Fall Conference will be held November 15-16, 2019 in Houston at the NASA Space Center. The room rate is $99/night with a booking deadline of 10/24/19. Use room block code TXSSAMT. If you have issues, please email us (txssamt@gmail.com) and we will add more rooms to the block. We will have a blast with the theme during the conference and for our dinner and social. We will have a private shuttle going back and forth between the hotel and convention site.

The Spring Conference will be held in the DFW area co-hosted by Joyanna Bly and Mike James.

The TxSSAMT scholarship application is located on our website. We offer monetary scholarships at the Fall meeting and monetary scientific writing awards at the spring meeting.

Our journals are offered online only and contains helpful information that is also listed on our website. It is routinely updated with information about upcoming conferences.

We are sad to announce that our State Vice President, Jean Palmer RMA (AMT), is moving out of state. She has been a huge driving force with our state for so many dedicated years. We will miss her and wish her luck! Alfonso Clemmings, MT(AMT) is our current secretary and CE chair will step up to fulfill the Vice President duties until the next election. We are always looking for new members to fill our committees and work their way to the Board of Directors. Feel free to ask a board member how you can help with conferences, audit committee, scholarship, publicity and outreach!


Katrina Fryar
TxSSAMT President