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Eastern District Councillor Message
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Eastern District Councillor Message

Greeting Eastern State Society Officers, Board Members and Members,

2020 has been an eye-opening year. The COVID-19 pandemic throws many changes and challenges into our daily lives continuously testing our abilities and capabilities. However, I do believe we are resilient and have MacGyver’s qualities to adapt to the present “new normal.”

Ever since the Irma, Maria and present hurricane destructions, power outages, and the present COVID-19 pandemic; I have fully relied on technology to communicate with family and friends in Puerto Rico and here throughout the USA. I have never ever texted, emailed, facetimed, and skyped as much as I have been during these 4 years.

The state restrictions, hand washing, masking, and required social distancing protocol is the “new normal.” For the health and welfare of the members, AMT has reinvented ways to remain in operation. The 2020 AMT Annual Meeting was an online meeting, with the meet the candidate introduction videos, Q&A sessions, and the Board election process all having a positive outcome. Following the restrictive protocol, the AMT family has remained connected with the membership to accomplish various tasks and continue some of the organizational operations. For the state society officers and members, the AMT staff have created the GoToMeeting toolkit to apply in setting up board and business meetings. The AMT staff are available for any problems, questions, and to assist with setting up for a meeting. Until the COVID pandemic is under control, permitting us to conduct face to face gathering meetings, I encourage the state society officers and members to apply the given tools.

The 2021 AMT Annual Meeting will be held July 19 – 23 in Norfolk, Virginia at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott 235 East Main Street. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Congratulations to the 2019 AMT Award recipients and to the newly elected National Board of Directors. Let us recognize and celebrate the dedication of the health care heroes (dental assistant, lab professionals, phlebotomists, and the medical assistants) throughout the year. Also, we must recognize the allied health instructors. This year has been a challenging juggling act of lesson plan modules adjustments, virtual and blending teaching with all the changes received from the state officials, board of education, and the school administrators. Hats off and standing ovation to the instructors. Please share and submit your story with pictures for AMT Pulse and to the state society editor to be posted onto the state society website.

Remember to visit the AMT Learning Center, at learning.americanmedtech.org. It offers a variety of courses for educational credits taking courses through the Learning Center automatically enters them into AMTrax. Payment of membership dues can also be made on the AMT website.

State Society Officers and Board Members, thank you for your rendered time of services for the members and the AMT organization. Enjoy the coming holidays. God bless us and keep us safe. We will soon return to some normalcy. Meanwhile, follow the state protocol, stay safe and healthy.

Best regards,
Ivette Rivera, RMA, AHI, RPT(AMT)
Eastern District Councillor