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The following state committee appointments were made by the OSSAMT State President Sheryl Scott, RMA:

Awards Committee:

Alanna Dargartz, RMA, Chairperson
Vanessa Austin, RMA, AHI

Nominating Committee:

Vanessa Austin, RMA,AHI Chairperson 
Christopher Williams, RMA, AHI 

Publication/Publicity Committee:

Christopher WIlliams, RMA, AHI, editor, Chairperson 
Vanessa Austin, RMA  

Scientific/Education Committee:

Jessica Turner, RMA, 2019 Fall Educational Seminar/Great Lakes District Conference
Vanessa Austin, RMA
Alanna Dargartz RMA Spring Educational Seminar 2020  
Sheryl Scott, RMA, 2020 Fall Educational Seminar/Great Lakes District Conference

Student Activities Committee:

Alanna Dargartz, RMA, Chairperson 
Vanessa Austin, RMA  


Jessica Turner, RMA

Job Referral:

Christopher Williams, RMA

We are always looking for new members to serve on state committees.  If you are interested in serving on any of the above listed committees; please feel free to contact either the committee chairperson or the state president 
Sheryl Scott, RMA, at ragdollandy1@donet.com for further information.