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NCSSAMT National Committee Representatives

EQS Laboratory Certification Examination Development Teams
Hematology, Hemostasis, and Urinalysis
Dr. Georgia McCauley, MT (AMT), Team Leader

Clinical Chemistry
Mary Midkiff, MT (AMT), Team Leader

Blood Banking, Immunohematology, and Immunology
Judy Smith, MT (AMT), Team Leader

Dr. Lisa Maness, MT (AMT)

Government Affairs
Mary Midkiff, MT (AMT)
Jerry Johnson, MT (AMT)

Scientific Speakers
Dr. Georgia McCauley, MT (AMT)
Dr. Lisa Maness, MT (AMT)

Convention Committee
Luther Ray Dean, MT (AMT)
Catherine Brock, RMA (AMT)

Armed Services
Charlene Lynch, RMA (AMT)