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District Councillor Message
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District Councillor Message

Hello all, Fall is upon us and so many fires are in the air, this year has been so up and down with weather on the Western side. So many states have been in the 100’s plus and are suffering due to this. This year’s Annual Educational convention is now behind us, we had 5,083 attendances which was awesome. It was held July 19-21, 2021 with 10 possible credits to earn, don’t forget to claim your credits. I hope all of you were able to attend as it was on your own computer at your own pace.

Hopefully COVID is getting behind us but now we have a new virus hitting called Delta. If you haven’t been vaccinated and want to be, it’s still available. The more we can get vaccinated the more we can get our country back and maybe are life’s back to somewhat normal again. There are still some states that still suggest wearing mask if you haven’t been fully vaccinated.

I want to congratulate two of our own members from the Western District that were nominated to run for the board. From Nevada Terry Else MT, Arizona Jeff Wooley RMA, re-elected from Wyoming Marty Hinkel MT. Congratulations to all of you for stepping up and wanting to make difference in AMT. Even thou Terry and Jeff were not elected; your Western District members are very proud of you. Do not give up, keep on going forward. As for Marty congratulations in your re-elected position we are so very proud of you.

  • National Board Officers
    President: Chris Seay
    Vice President: Ken Hawker
    Secretary: Fran Oran
    Treasurer: Deborah Westervelt

  • National Annual Convention for 2022 will be held in Scottsdale AZ, at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. Room rate $135 a night plus 13.17% tax and a $10 resort fee per day that will include internet so if you are not driving in the total will be $162.78 per night. They do have parking for $16 a day self-parking or valet parking for $31 a day.
  • 2023 National Convention will be held in Norfolk VA at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott.
  • No national awards for 2021.
  • Fall state society meetings should hopefully be held in person.
  • Don’t forget you must have a Fall board meeting, in-person or virtual if you have not already.
  • Remember you need a minimum of 2 CE hours to receive credit for holding a scientific meeting.
  • When electing your board members, they must be given the oath of office.
  • Remember after having a meeting/board meeting I must receive the minutes and the sign in sheets. If it’s a virtual meeting I still need minutes and sign in sheet, please send me an invite also.
  • There are new JOT forms on the website, look under Resource page, must use updated forms, if old forms are used you will be asked to redo and resubmit.
  • We have all learned a lot especially how to navigate the AMT website and the online learning center is there for us all to earn CCP credits.

  • Last but certainly not least, I want to send out a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Henry Oh, Henry is the Department Chair & Clinical Professor of Health Occupations at Idaho State University, Former Associate Dean of Business, Technology and Healthcare at Salt Lake Community College. Henry takes Center Stage with the World Record Holder for Most Credentials. Mayor Brian officially proclaims July 19, 2021 as “Dr. Henry Oh Day”. He has officially earned the title of Chartered Scientist (CSci) from the U.K. Science Council and the Royal Society of Biology. Henry was also so very involved in AMT. Again, Congratulation’s Henry Oh on all of your accomplishments.

I am honored to be your Western District Councillor. I will work very hard for you all. Feel free to email me, text me or call. If you need help, let me know. Remember you can use the GoToMeeting for all AMT business like your meetings or make it available for those members to choose to join that way. At least we can see each other in some format.

Happy Fall everyone!
Sheryl Rounsivill RMA, RPT, AHI, CMAS (AMT)
Western District Councillor
(c) 559-341-0691