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Spring/Summer 2020
Greetings to all! I hope everyone has been well and safe during this very turbulent spring with COVID-19. Everything has been disrupted in our lives and only time will tell us when and how we will return to a state of familiar "normalcy" or a new redefined "normalcy".

As you all know the AMT Annual Meeting has been converted to a virtual online meeting format. The main office is busy preparing for this redirection for conducting the annual business of the society. I am certain things will be a challenge, some what frustrating and certainly a major learning curve for all of us who participate.

The MNHSSAMT Board of Directors conducted the annual spring meeting via teleconference in March due to the COVID 19 restrictions. During this meeting the BOD's tried to take care of the state societies spring business needs in anticipation that the April business meeting would be canceled. Delegates were discussed and the MNHSSAMT scholarship applicants reviewed and selected. Congratulations to Sara Bouchard from UMPI and Bayley Caouette from UMA. Two very well deserving MLS students. Moving forward, we have discussed to possibility of holding a meeting via one of the many new "meeting platforms" that have currently emerged during the COVIID pandemic. More to come on this option as this situation evolves and we learn what may be a new normal.

Our current plan is this:

The awesome North East Lab Conference in Portland has been canceled for 2020. There was so much uncertainty with the pandemic and each day bringing new information and restrictions, it was decided it was for the best. Very disappointing for sure, but safety is foremost.

The BOD is hoping that by this fall we can conduct our business meeting at a local venue and maybe do some of the fun stuff we do at our business meeting such as award presentations. Steve Stockford was awarded the AMT Exceptional Merit Award for 2019. Laura Gilbert Caret was awarded the MNHSSAMT Foundation award for 2019. These are two very deserving and hardworking individuals, not only for the state society but as members of the North East Lab Conference committee.

Please be patient and flexible as we move forward during the reopening of our states. As things change, and hopefully improve, I will make preparations for the Fall Business meeting in October 2020. I am currently planning for it to be held around the October 21. As soon as I can I will be sending an e-mail blast with the updated information.

Till we meet again, please stay safe and healthy.

Susan Constable MT
President MNHSSAMT