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2020 President’s Message

Greetings to all!! Can you believe it is 2020? Where does the time go? They say time flies when you are having fun! 2019 is a milestone for me enjoying my retired life but still active in my profession as the State President of LASSAMT, scientific speaker and mentor with renewed 2020 certification and license. My experience has been very fulfilling and rewarding. I was shocked when Mr. Randy Swopes, Vice President and Editor presented my award "2019 LA Medical Technologist of the Year" during our Board and business meeting held in Lafayette, LA on February 1, 2020. Each step I made was guided by my forever support for all the years. Thank you very much officers and Board Members!

Our fall meeting was very interesting and the hands-on and interactive sessions were exciting from excellent speakers. It is with deep and sincere thanks and gratitude to the officers, board members and speakers for their endless support. The online registration for state meetings has an impact on notifying the members and we were so happy to welcome new attendees.

We urge all members to join us and be active members. This is an ideal way to meet the other members throughout our state. Our profession is a field of study that requires extensive training, has a unique body of knowledge and therefore continuing education through seminars can enhance our skills. It is true that we can achieve this thru online training but close interaction with our colleagues and experienced speakers can improve our human relationship and personal development.

The 2020 AMT Annual Meeting will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 13-16, 2020. Save the date and enjoy the camaraderie and expand your knowledge needed for continuing education by attending sessions presented by excellent speakers.

I end this message with an inspirational quote "Focusing on what you HAVE instead of what you DON'T HAVE allows you to appreciate where you are in life. Just because you haven't reached a personal goal or achieved a dream doesn't mean that you can't be happy right now. Celebrate where you are and what you have at this point in your life. Stop waiting for something to change or be different...meet happiness wherever you are in your journey!" As seen in Positive Thoughts...

Ms. Zenaida Maraggun, MS, MT (AMT), CLS (HHS)