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Continuing Education


Beginning September 1, 2014, the Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel will no longer accept courses that are less than 1 hour in length. After September 1, any AMT courses with less than 1 hour will automatically be expired. Florida Licensees that previously completed these courses will still be able to receive credit for them, but after September 1 you will no longer have these accepted.

CE Broker sent AMT this notification this week and we will no longer put STEP Articles that are less than 1 point (hour) into CE Broker. If you had previously had a STEP attached to your record it will stay but moving forward no course less than 1 hour will be accepted.

AMT wanted you to be aware of this change and so that you understand why any STEP article that was less than 1 hour will no longer be acceptable by CE Broker.

AMT strongly advocates lifelong learning as part of a member's personal and professional growth, and in fact requires its newer members, through the Certification Continuation Program (CCP), to acquire a specific number of points in continuing education (CE), or other acceptable avenues, in order to maintain certification. AMT offers a variety of educational opportunities for its members, including those listed below.

AMT also offers AMTraxTM -- the new online tracking system that helps members easily track the points they have acquired over time. AMTrax is totally paperless and provides you with 24/7 access to your profile. (Click here) to find out more about AMTrax.

1. STEP Online
STEP Online is a continuing education program keyed to scholarly articles, which appear in the Journal of Continuing Education Topics & Issues. The Journal is published three times a year (January, April and August). Each article includes a short test which can be submitted for manual scoring or taken online through AMT's website. The same articles and tests are available to all AMT members on the AMT website along with past articles and tests. The Journal is mailed to all current AMT-certified members as a membership benefit. (Click here)

2. CE Modules

AMTIE makes available several subject matter monographs which can be used to obtain the necessary continuing education hours. The modules each consist of a number of past STEP articles, compiled by specific topics. (Click here)

3. AMT State Society meetings

Each state society holds one or two educational sessions each year. A variety of topics are presented and members have an opportunity to network with their peers. For a schedule of meetings, visit your state society's web page (Click here)

4. AMT Annual Education Program and National Meeting

The location of this meeting rotates throughout the country so that members have an opportunity to attend one in their area. The National Meeting is a week long event full of educational sessions and networking opportunities - not to mention fun! (Click here)

5. Publications

AMT offers back issues of its publications, which contain educational articles. Members can view the current year's issues directly online for no charge (Click here). Other back issues can be obtained from (here)

6. Other Educational Opportunities

AMT accepts continuing education credits provided by other recognized providers, including credits from individual providers and pharmaceutical companies. Currently, AMT has special offers for members through Cengage Learning (Click here) and the Dark Report (Click here).