Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Those seeking AMT membership first need to be certified by AMT. Once certification is granted, individuals automatically become members and have a host of member benefits at their disposal:

Continuing Education

AMT strongly advocates lifelong learning as part of a member’s personal and professional growth, and in fact requires its newer members to acquire a specific number of continuing education credits in order to maintain certification. A number of different educational opportunities are offered through AMT, including:

Career Services

AMT’s Career Connection can help you advance your career. Through this free online career service, you can search for jobs in your local area or across the country, create an online resume or profile, or send your resume to employers.  The site also has great tips on topics such as creating your resume and perfecting your interviewing skills.(Click Here)


AMT offers great leadership opportunities! The best way to get involved is to become an active member of your state society. As you progress, you can serve on your state’s board and eventually take your expertise to the national level. The possibilities are endless! (Click Here)

Awards and Scholarships

Each year, AMT recognizes individuals on a state and/or national level who have made a positive impact either for their profession or for AMT. The national awards are announced each year at the annual meeting and the names are printed in Events.

If are you interested in advancing in your career, numerous scholarships are offered through the AMT Institute for Excellence.  AMT also offers awards for feature and technical writing – it’s an opportunity for you to share technical information and research findings with your colleagues. (Click Here)

Member Corner

Certification represents your declaration of professional competence, both current and ongoing. This declaration is for your benefit, as well as for your employer and for the public-at-large.  It is important to stay certified