Certified Lab Consultant

Certified Laboratory Consultant

The Certified Laboratory Consultant (CLC) is a medical laboratory expert who functions independently in providing laboratory-related guidance to healthcare facilities. The Consultant possesses expertise as a generalist or may provide services as a specialist in one or more disciplines. Individuals working as laboratory consultants can earn recognition for their commitment to quality patient care by becoming a CLC.

There is no examination required. Complete the online application and AMT will inform you of any additional supporting documentation needed to complete the application processing.

Please note that an annual fee of $90 is required to maintain certification.

Please allow for 1 - 2 weeks for processing time of your application.

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Application Fee: $190

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If you have any questions, please email AMT: clc@americanmedtech.org

Applicant Corner

AMT offers many ways for you to get involved as you work toward your certification.  Check out the following options: