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RMA Update: A Sneak Peek Inside the Latest AMT Events

Don't miss “RMA Update: Medical Assistant, So What Do You Do?” in the latest edition of AMT Events, which discusses how the job descriptions of the medical assistant have changed over the years.

Exactly what do you do? What is a Medical Assistant?

You might be a seasoned medical assistant having worked in the field for years or you may be a recent medical assistant graduate. In either case, someone will probably ask you about your occupation. It could be a relative, friend or just someone you meet at the grocery store when you are dressed in your scrubs. When you tell them that you are a medical assistant they may say they have heard about medical assisting but probably not realize what you do or how valuable the medical assistant is to the providers and health care community. Even with the advancement of this occupation and increased recognition of medical assisting, many still do not understand the title and the extent of the scope of practice. Numerous people think that medical assistants are physician assistants while some still think we are the doctor’s nurse. I teach in a medical assisting program and am frequently asked about the possible employment opportunities available to students.

I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at what employers are typically looking for when hiring a medical assistant. When researching recently posted medical assistant positions in and around my area here in Phoenix, Arizona, I was amazed at some of the various positions and expanded requirements to fill these positions. In the early years of medical assisting, there were limited positions with minimal expectations. Now the medical practices have raised the bar very high, expecting medical assistants to perform a vast variety of tasks and possess exceptional professional behavior.

The above information is a highlight from the article “RMA Update” in the latest edition of AMT Events. To see examples of some older and newer employer descriptions of the medical assistant position, read the full article found on page 54 of AMT Events (member login required).


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