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President's Message

Greetings to ALL MSSAMT members,

I hope your year is proving to be one filled with learning something new, less stress, and a joyful work environment.

Our Officers and Board members goal is to increase active participation in our State Society.

I would like to extend an invitation for all members to attend our fall meeting. The meeting will be held in West Point, MS at Moss Creek, on September 18th, 2017. AMT is an organization that rewards its members (all disciplines). I encourage you to help MSSAMT with active membership participation to become as strong as some of the other States. We need all disciplines to become involved. Don’t forget, we have scholarship money available for those of you who would like to further your education, as well as ways to earn CEU’s.

The MSSAMT spring meeting was held on March 18th in Pearl, MS at Uncle Bucks, located in the Bass Pro Shop. Our speakers included; Ken Williams, Microbiology Supervisor at Merit Health Hospital in Vicksburg, MS. He inform us about the current requirements for the CDC, the FDA, and Joint commission on the requirements for reporting hospital acquired infections, and how Physicians, the Microbiologist, Infection preventionists, the Pharmacy and others can collectively work together to lower the infection rates. How the collaboration of these teams can help develop plans for best practices for prescribing antibiotics.

Dr. Mickie Autry, PhD with “Ovation Women’s Wellness” discussed new procedures that can improve women’s health pre- and post-menopausal. Mickie has spent her career studying under doctors who specializes in improving and developing ways to help women of all ages improve quality of life while dealing with the symptoms of maturity. It was interesting to hear her speak on hormonal therapy using natural compounds that don’t cause the side effects the current prescriptions have.

AMT Board member Cynthia Morrison talked about Stat orders in the laboratory. The quality and accuracy of the result is more important than fast TAT. The laboratory uses quality monitors in the laboratory to monitor the TAT for certain tests, but if the sample is compromised because of incorrect collection technique it can delay reporting of the test because the sample will need to be recollect. She also, stressed the importance of documentation for calling critical results. Make sure you get the first and last name, enter the time and date critical test is reported, and make sure the information is read back.

Please contact any of the Officers for more information.

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