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2017 President’s Message

Wishing you a great year full of opportunity and successes and pushing the profession forward in a positive and meaningful way.  It is with pride, honor, and respect that I have been able to represent you as your president for years…it is a lifetime achievement fulfilled with the help of Mr. Randy Swopes and Mrs. Karen Brockelsby.

Retirement of a valued State officers does not mean the loss of the State Society, but rather to share and mentor their knowledge, to young and new members.  I strongly urge members to be active so you can take over when the active officers in our State will retire.

Year 2017 is here and we have to focus on how we can improve our State Society. I need your participation to achieve the goal of our State Society which is “more member’s participation during our scientific seminar and Board/Business meeting”.  Our profession is a field of study that requires extensive training, has a unique body of knowledge and therefore continuing education through seminars can enhance this demand.  It is true that we can achieve this with on-line training but close interaction with your co-professionals and experienced speakers can improve our human relationship and personal development.

This year we will have our AMT’s 79th Educational Program and national Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, the city of Fountains,  Mark your calendar!

Updates:  AMT continues to develop a Molecular Diagnostics Technician credential. There is now an MLT practice exam available and the MT practice exam should be available soon per Mr. Jeffrey Lavender, MT President’s Greetings.

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW) will take place on April 19-25, 2017.  The theme is “Laboratory Professionals Get Results”.  We work behind the scene so this is the time that we propagate our role as one of the key members of the health care team.

I have to end my greetings by sharing an inspirational note “I firmly believe that the more we care for the happiness of others the greater our own sense of wellbeing becomes”.

Zenaida E. Maraggun

2016 LA State AMT Honor Roll Award

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