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Greetings from South Western Virginia!

October is going to be a very exciting month!! Plane rides or travel to Gulfport, MS should be lots of fun and we should all enjoy the educational opportunities prepared for the membership.  If you have not planned to attend, please prepare asap as October 19 & 20 is almost here!  See the AMT website for specific information regarding the Magnolia meeting.

Please watch the President messages as I will be updating you on a winter/spring meeting which we are hoping to plan in Virginia Beach, VA…….more details to come!

Please plan to attend the VSSAMT Business meeting on Friday, Oct 19 in Palm 1 from 4-6pm CST.  If enough board members and general membership can attend, we would like to discuss the National Meeting delegates.  The meeting will be held in Chicago in July 2019.   If we do not have enough members at this meeting, we will table this discussion to the winter/spring meeting.  We will plan a Board meeting following the Business meeting.

If you missed the National meeting in Washington DC, please look at the AMT events.  It is a wonderful publication that shares a great snip-it of a great educational and fun week.  I was proud to be a part of that meeting.  Watch the websites or the AMT publications for information on the 2019 National Convention.

That is the news for VSSAMT.  Hope to see you soon!

Anna Catron, MT
President VSSAMT
PH: 276-233-4400

ee your goal.
Understand the obstacles.
Create a positive mental picture.
Clear your mind of self-doubt.
Embrace the challenge.
Stay on track.
Show the world you can do it!
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