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President's Message - Winter 2019

Hello Friends and Members,

It should come as no surprise that autumn has arrived. Like many of you, I know autumn follows summer, and November follows October. But every year, I find myself asking, “Where does the time go?” As you reflect on the past year, I hope you find many times of gladness with very few times of sadness. I hope you had many opportunities to share what you know with someone and as many opportunities to learn something new. I hope you found many ways to be a blessing to others while appreciating the blessings that have come your way.

As the season of Thanksgiving is upon us, I will share with you some words I hold dear.
For the bounty of the year;
For the friends that we hold dear;
For new blessings on the way;
Let us be thankful every day.

Happy Holidays!

Margaret Blaetz

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