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Hello Mississippi State Society of AMT,

2018 has been a wonderful year so far!  Mississippi State society sponsored participants to attend the Legislative Symposium in March 2018.   We live in a complex, ever-changing world where social, political, regulatory, economic, and personal factors strive to influence us. The Protecting Access to Medicare ACT was designed to improve access to healthcare while reducing costs. Aspects of this legislation are challenging, it presents tremendous obstacles for leveraging good health care out comes for the ones it is intended to protect; the poor and older patients.  AMT led initiatives with the clinical laboratory community and patient advocacy groups to seek legislative relief from the excessively harsh lab fee schedule cuts that Centers on Medicare and Medicaid Services implemented in January 2018. AMT continues to coordinate advocacy for “Harmonization”, an initiative that refers to the ability to achieve the same result (within clinically acceptable limits) and the same interpretation irrespective of the measurement procedure used, the unit or reference interval applied, and when and/or where a measurement is made.

The National American Medical Technologist (AMT) meeting was in Washington, DC. I can’t think of anywhere better to spend the 4th of July, than our Nation’s Capital.  I found opportunities to relax, recharge, and reconnect with friends and colleagues.  Even though the holiday week was filled with education, leadership, and organizational meetings there was plenty of time for visiting the attractions and having fun as well mission. It was truly an honor to be recognized for taking the opportunity to be a voice for health care professionals and Allied Health Professions.

The Magnolia Educational Treasures conference is hosted by the AMT State Societies of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia.  The theme for the 2018 semiannual conference is "Finding Educational Treasures in the Gulf”.   The 2018 conference planning committee developed an excellent program with stimulating, knowledgeable presenters. The conference was held October 19 - 20, 2018, in Gulf Port, Mississippi.  There were 125 in attendance.

MSSSAMT thrives on the efforts and support of its members. In an effort to develop reports on the MSSSAMT's work for 2018 and to share it with the membership, the state delegates have been asked to make a summary of one aspect of the annual conference to provide feedback for members and help shape the state societies work over this next year. In addition to committees and task forces, we have launched volunteering activities this year. Volunteering refers time commitment, in serving on various working groups. Some of these are short-term; others require a greater time commitment. Also, in the Fall of 2019, there will be a call for nominations for positions on the MS Board of Directors. If you have not taken advantage of these opportunities in the past, I want to urge you to consider submitting your name for inclusion in the pool of 2019 volunteers who can be selected to serve. The diversity of perspectives that members bring to these working groups helps the organization meet its mission and remain current with emerging healthcare and legislative/regulatory initiatives.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to our current MSSSAMT Board, and members for the time they contribute to MSSSAMT. These volunteers provide valuable service to the organization. They commit their time, creative energies, and reflective analytical skills to address issues of concern to the Health Care Professional we represent.

Thank you.Kathy L. Sutton, MSSSAMT President

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