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Welcome to the Maine New Hampshire State Society of AMT web page, and a special welcome to the Vermont AMT members that have been temporarily added to our membership.

The busy summer is over and things are slowing down going into the fall.  One more event this fall before we seemingly go into hibernation for the winter month.

The National AMT meeting was awesome as always, and the MNHSSAMT delegation had a fantastic time in Washington DC.  It was an opportunity to visit our great nations capital and DC certainly knows how to celebrate the 4th of July.  The night sky was full of fireworks displays in all directions and music bands on the “Mall”.  Just an unbelievable time.

The educational sessions were fantastic as always.  They held several repeat sessions so everyone had an opportunity to attend a session as well as be able to go sight seeing in the city.  AMT’s national meeting is a great time to network, get CEU’s, see the friends you have made over the years and of course get the business of the AMT organization done.  It is truly an organization that is governed by its members, with its members interest at the utmost importance.

There are many committees that you can join, that are so vital to the AMT operation; Welcome Party, Government Affairs, Armed Services, Judiciary and Scientific, just to mention a few.  I encourage all to become active in the AMT Society and help this wonderful society to continue on through the years to come.  It is a great experience and looks awesome on your resume.

Don’t forget that the Northeast Laboratory Conference is October 16-18, 2018, at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland, Me.  The MNHSSAMT Fall Business meeting will be held Oct 17th at 530 PM.  Please come join us.

Respectfully submitted
Susan Constable MT

President Susan Constable presenting Pamela V. Kriegel with the MNHSSAMT
Technologist of the Year for 2017 Award.

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