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President's Message Spring 2018

I would like to begin my term by doing something that is not usually done. I would like to really thank the people who support us, the people who put up with our eccentricities all hours of the day and night. I would like to acknowledge my husband, my sister and her spouse and I also would like to give thanks to my sons for their continued support. I am sure that the entire CASMET family would join me in letting their spouses, children and other family members know how much we appreciate their unwavering support that they continuously give to us.
I approach the installation and dedicate my service as President of the Caribbean Association of Medical Technologists with a sense of honor and humility. I accept this great responsibility of leading the Association for the next two years (2017-2019). Thank you for your trust. I would be guided by certain principles which would be aligned to our mission and vision to reflect the needs of our laboratory professionals. I have every confidence that together, we will all participate in leading the way to new ground.  

The Immediate Past President, Mr. Harry Narine alluded to the accomplishments during his tenure as President.  As I commend him for his successful tenure as President and one of my goals is to complete those that were listed as "ongoing".  Members have outlined some issues that they would like to be addressed which includes, but is not limited to, obtaining proficiency tests, looking into modes of obtaining continuing education credits and advocacy with stake holders. Together with the Regional Council Members and the Branches in the various countries, I am sure that we would be able to successfully address these challenges.
Technological advances are always before us, and now we are in the midst of the molecular and indeed the post-economics era. Our members need to understand these new methods and master the new testing environments and platforms. In the laboratory, we have always imparted and continue to impart key information to clinicians in treating patients. Its application is used via the blood count, chemistries and biopsy diagnoses for the patient relevant management.  
As we all know too well, the public has little or no idea as to how laboratories operate or what laboratory professionals and pathologists do. Our clinical colleagues also lack a clear understanding and see us only as moderators of laboratory results. They have no idea how we ensure quality control during use of various laboratory equipment, validate acceptable references ranges and employ continuous checks to verify the results and interpret them into context, to assist in ensuring quality patient care.  

We need to escape from the stereotype of being in the “background” and “behind the scenes”.
Patient care is our business. Everything we do is for the patient. We work tirelessly, under incredible pressure and with an envious record of quality. We care deeply for each one of our patients, BUT we need to voice this more directly and be more actively involved.  Only by being visible and active can we demonstrate more clearly what we provide much needed services and not mere “lab test”.

The image of our profession? How do we fix it? We can do so by educating the public through our advocacy efforts. During my tenure as President, I hope to improve our image. I look forward to serving you and please don’t hesitate to contact me about any thoughts you may have on our priorities.
Thank you for your confidence in me and I pledge to work diligently to live up to your expectations.

Mrs. Zobida Khan- Mohammed
CASMET President

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