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Hello, Arizona Members!! It’s Spring time, I hope you all have enjoyed our wonderful winter that we had this year. I am assuming that we are looking forward to a hot summer this year. As most of you know, we have been through some big changes with our country since the last state meeting. We know have a new US president and the Republicans are in control of the governments. With being said there is a lot of uncertainty in healthcare right now, so it a lot of meetings and debating in Washington D.C. I know Mike McCarty is busy in Washington DC doing his best to represent AMT and our state the best he can. Unfortunately, everything changes every second. One of the best was to stay abreast of the all the changes to stay in touch with Arizona and the US is to stay in touch with AMT and your state society. This year will continue to bring many changes to the lab and RMA side of the house. AMT continues to be our go-to source for clarification and direction as we accept these new changes. The national office is very committed to representing all of our disciplines and to making sure, we are getting the best out of any legislation.

As in the previous year at both a state and national level, growing our leadership is becoming the continued theme of both the national and state level boards. As most of you know, the AMT has been certifying individuals for 79 years. Unfortunately, most of our leadership are approaching retirement age, if they have not have already retired. We are hoping and looking for the younger generations to step up and take the helm of this wonderful organization and guide us through the next 79 years. Know is the time to get involved in your states society and prepare yourself for a leadership position with a great origination. If you are interested in getting involved in, a committee or running for an elected position contact any of your elected official now.

With national certification comes the responsibility to make ourselves the best we can be. Many of our past AMT members who worked so hard for their national credentials have allowed them to lapse for various reasons. Most of you know someone that has been or, can be nationally certified through the AMT. As in the first term of my presidency, I continue to challenge each one of you to each to bring either an old member back or a new member to the AMT.

Our assembly committee is developing your spring AZSSAMT educational meeting. Our assembly committee is excited about these new sessions and fully committed to making the spring session the best it can be for our members. We have some inspiring speakers and updates lined up already.

The National Convention will be in Kansas City Missouri, this year Memphis, from July 9-13, 2017, @ The Intercontinental Hotel at the Plaza. In typical AMT fashion, this conference is set to be success and offering a week of outstanding continuing education and networking. If you are interested in attending as delegate, please contact me at Jeffrey.wooley@cox.net no later than May 1. 2017.

Our next meeting will be held May 6th, 2017, at the PMI Phoenix Black Canyon Campus at 13610 N. Black Canyon Highway., in Phoenix, Arizona. Reserve the date now--we look forward to seeing many of you on that day!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Vice President Dustin Martinez or myself.

Jeffrey Wooley, RMA (AMT)
President, AZSSAMT

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