AMTIE officially changed its name in January 2012, from American Medical Technologists Institute for Education to American Medical Technologists Institute for Excellence. In addition to the change in the name came the change in its mission.

AMTIE now is charged with the administration of scholarships and grants associated with enhancing educational and competency opportunities for current and future allied health care professionals.

To achieve the new AMTIE charge for the funding of scholarships and grants, AMTIE currently solicits its members for contributions when they are renewing their membership in AMT. Additionally, AMTIE is developing their processes and methodology for the solicitation of donations from philanthropic organizations, businesses, educational institutions and the healthcare community, in the hope of being able fund more scholarships and educational grants.
The American Medical Technologist Institute for Excellence (AMTIE) recognizes and promotes excellence in patient care services delivered by allied health care professionals.
The American Medical Technologist Institute for Excellence (AMTIE) is charged with the administration of scholarship and grant programs to benefit current and future health care professionals. In order to fund the scholarships and grants AMTIE will solicit funds from a variety of sources. Additionally, AMTIE will provide funds for continued competency enhancing presentations.

Formerly, AMTIE was responsible for the mission of promoting the education of health practitioners required to obtain and maintain certification. As part of this, the Institute had recorded and sent out reports on the continuing education credit earned, as well as established continuing education goals and standards appropriate to disciplines. Previously, the Institute also pursued avenues for locating and obtaining related educational experiences.

In 2013, AMTIE gave out 6 scholarships, totaling $4,000 and awarded $ 2,000 in educational grants/awards.
  Are you looking to help Students pursue their goals and dreams in the Allied Health field or to help a fellow AMT member pursue continuing education?

Have you thought about contributing to the AMTIE Scholarship Fund?

If so you can do so by filling out this form and sending it with your check to AMTIE.
AMTIE awards one $2,500 and three $1,500 scholarships annually to individuals who have met the following criteria:
  • Applicant must be a certified member in good standing with AMT.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting commission. The program of study should be concerned with disciplines certified by AMT.
  • Applicant must provide evidence of financial need and career goals.
Applicant must file a completed application and all required information prior to April 1 to be considered for the current year’s scholarship. All applications and supporting documents become the property of AMTIE and cannot be returned.

The AMTIE Trustees will determine scholarship recipients. The scholarship recipient will be notified thereafter, and must furnish proof of being either a student in good standing, or enrolled for entrance into the fall program of a college or university, accredited by a regional accrediting commission. The recipient of the current year’s scholarship will be announced at AMT's National Convention of American Medical Technologists held in early to mid-summer. Click here for application.