Continuing Education Overview

AMT offers a variety of continuing education (CE) opportunities for AMT members and others interested in maintaining and expanding their allied health professional knowledge and competence.

AMT strongly advocates lifelong learning and certified members document activities supporting continuation of AMT certification every three years through the Certification Continuation Program (CCP). How to comply with CCP

The educational activities are awarded CE points based upon the hours of time devoted to earning the credit. All on-line CE activities include a quiz to assess the knowledge gained from completing the activity and a passing score is needed to award the CE point credit.

AMT members can record and track their CE activities through AMT’s online tracking system, AMTraxTM . Credits from any AMT online CE program are automatically transferred into the AMT members AMTrax account. Click here to find out more about AMTrax.

STEP Online Continuing Education

STEP Online is a continuing education program keyed to scholarly articles which appear in print in the Journal of Continuing Education Topics & Issues. The STEP online article can be read online and then a 10-question quiz must be completed with a passing score to receive the CE credit. Most articles award 1 CE credit. (Note: CE credit may only be claimed once for each STEP article.)

You can choose from individual STEP articles, suggested lists of articles for your certification or clinical discipline, or pre-selected packages of articles compiled by topic.

AMT offers member discount pricing and volume discounts are also available when purchasing five or more articles. (Article Information)

On-Demand Courses

On-Demand Courses are presentations taken from the AMT national convention and presented online as an additional source of continuing education.  If you are unable to attend the national convention, you can still benefit from the educational presentations. The courses are available on-demand 24/7.

Each course is approximately one hour in length and consists of a PowerPoint presentation synced with audio from the presenter. A 10-question quiz must be completed with a passing score to receive the CE credit. Most courses award 1 CE credit. (Note: CE credit may only be claimed once for each on-demand course.)

AMT offers member discount pricing. (Course Listing)


AMT offers a selection of webinars on a variety of topics. The webinars are archived from original live presentations. Listen to the one hour presentation, click the option to download the 10-question quiz at the end of the webinar, and complete the quiz with a passing score to receive the CE credit. Each webinar awards 1 CE credit. (Webinar Listing)

REACH Certificate Program

Coming 2017

AMT State Society Meetings

When you are an AMT member, you are also a member of your AMT State Society. Each state society holds one or two educational sessions each year. A variety of topics are presented and members have an opportunity to network with their peers. For a schedule of meetings, visit your state society's web page.

AMT Annual Education Program and National Meeting

Plan to attend the AMT Annual Educational Program and National Meeting.  The meeting is a four-day event full of educational sessions, networking opportunities, national business meeting and fun! The meeting location rotates throughout the country so that members have an opportunity to attend one in their area. (More Information)

Member Corner

Certification represents your declaration of professional competence, both current and ongoing. This declaration is for your benefit, as well as for your employer and for the public-at-large.  It is important to stay certified

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