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Meaningful Use and AMT

AMT's Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certification meets the condition of this new rule

CMS has recognized the unique and important role played by certified MAs in the healthcare delivery system, and the attributes that set them apart from other allied health personnel. Although CMS did not specify what type of credential a medical assistant would be required to have, it imposed an important condition: the credential must be obtained from an organization other than the MA’s employer. That insures that an employing organization cannot simply administer a quick-and-dirty in-service training program to unlicensed personnel to produce “appropriately credentialed” MAs.

AMT Certification Meets Meaningful Use Requirements
The Meaningful Use Rule and Medical Assistants (Link to Podcast) (Whitepaper)

Meaningful Use?

Meaningful Use Core Values

MU, Not a Hassle

Meaningful Use Background

The Meaningful Use rule was adopted as part of a series of regulations implementing the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. Under that law, doctors, healthcare professionals and hospitals can qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments when they adopt and meaningfully use certified electronic health record (EHR) technology. The HITECH Act also imposes Medicare payment penalties on providers who don’t meet meaningful use standards by the year 2015.

The program is divided into three stages:

  • Stage 1 sets the basic functionalities electronic health records must include such as capturing data electronically and providing patients with electronic copies of health information.
  • Stage 2 (which will begin as early as 2014) increases health information exchange between providers and promotes patient engagement by giving patients secure online access to their health information.
  • Stage 3 will continue to expand meaningful use objectives to improve health care outcomes.
In each stage CMS establishes a number of “core objectives” and measures to achieve those objectives. Objectives established at one stage are carried over, often with modifications, into the subsequent stages.

Employer Corner

Preferred Choice for Employers

Many regulatory bodies and employers - from small group practices to large, multi-state health systems - prefer AMT-certified medical assistants.

Importance of Certification

AMT Certification makes it easy to meet Meaningful Use requirements

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