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This fall presents a Presidential Election. I was just informing those who do not already know. Sorry, could not resist. Just thought I would add a little politics to this opening, since it seems everyone else can with Freedom of Speech in USA.

This fall presents Iowa with a Business/Board Meeting which we had in good attendance from our Board Members and Officers. We met on September 15 at Johnny’s Steakhouse in Altoona, Iowa. There were a lot of issues discussed. If anyone is interested in attending or being more involved in our meetings, please contact me at bevchristiansenrma@gmail.com or any of our Officers or Board Members. We would love to expand our membership!

Discussion was held as to who wished to attend the Great Lakes Conference in Frankenmuth, Michigan on October 6-8. Three members attended from Iowa. There were CEU opportunities and a blend of MTs, MLTs, RMAs, RPTs, Students, and Instructors of Colleges at the meeting. It was a nice way of meeting people and see what their work life is like.

Remember to record your CEUs on AMTRAX on the AMT website, americanmedtech.org. You are responsible for recording and keeping your own records for these. The AMT National Office audits these records throughout your membership.

Keep your dues up to date. You should get a notification from the AMT National Office about when the membership fee is due. If you have questions, I would be happy to assist you in finding the answer or helping you in some way.

We send out several notifications throughout the year to your email. Please shoot me an email and let me know if you get our AMT National email blasts. Please review and update your email address when sending in your membership dues. You may also update email address and contact information by contacting the AMT National Office on the website.

For further updates from the AMT National Convention this last summer, please continue reading my Delegate’s Report in the Editorial and Features Section. Thank you all for your support! This truly helps to keep our Iowa State Society on the map!

Have a great fall!

Beverly Christiansen, RMA, President, Iowa State Society of AMT

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