Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!

Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!

Message from the President:

October 2016

Greetings to all 7,000 plus members!

Welcome to our website, where you will discover what is happening with your organization now.  2016 has been a very productive year for Florida State Society of American Medical Technologist(FLSSAMT).  We have completed some required task and have had our first Educational Seminar and had our first business meeting, which was very successful. One of the goals of FLSSAMT is to get as many members as possible active in your organization. Coming to a meeting is a great way of earning your continuing education, networking professionally and socializing with the people in your profession.

We have a great year planned for 2017. Mark your calendar for:

February 11, 2017 – Educational/Scientific Meeting in Port Saint Lucie at Keiser University

June 3, 2017 – Educational /Scientific Meeting in Tallahassee at Keiser University

July 9-13, 2017- National AMT 79th Educational Program and National Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri

November 4, 2017 – Educational/Scientific with General Business Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale at Keiser University

Another important goal is to take more delegates to the National Meeting in Kansas City. At the business meeting in September 2016 we provided all the information about meeting the criteria to be a Florida State Delegate. If you were unable to attend, please email the State Editor for a copy.  

Florida has always been an outstanding state and we are very proud of the accomplishments of our members. Dr. Naomi Melvin was elected to the National Board of Directors and Oswald Skinner was elected to the AMTIE Board.

Remember that this is your professional organization and that your voice and presence is how we continue to be successful and grow FLSSAMT. Your Board of Directors is in the process of building a dynamic speaker to provide you the best experts in your field. The participants at the last meeting gave us new ideas and topics that they want to see in the educational sessions. We are excited to be able to provide quality educational offerings for your professional requirements.

If every member would invite or encourage another FLSSAMT member to come, we could double our number of active members! Please use the website as your resource for information about your organization. It is a valuable tool for involvement. Also, you will be getting e-mail blast that will give you the details of each meeting. These blasts have proven to be an effective method of communication to assure that no member unaware of our activity.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, concerns or issues that you may have. I am available for you and do not mind calls, e-mails or messages. I will always get right back to you if you do not reach me.

My Best,

FLSSAMT State President

Alice Macomber RN, RMA, RPT, AHI



Message from the Website Editor:

Happy New Year to all FLSSAMT members!  I for one, am glad to meet the new year with renewed hope for a better 2017. This time, my message will be short but sweet so to that end, let me start with your State Society upcoming events.  FLSSAMT and AMT has much to offer you this year!

We have three meetings and the National Convention is coming up this summer:

February 11 in Port St Lucie

June 3 in Tallahassee

AMT National Convention: July 9-13 in Kansas City! (My personal favorite)

November 4 in Ft Lauderdale

In fact, you can view the February 11 meeting agenda and registration form on this website.  Get your registrations in early! And if these meetings aren’t enough…. There are many other ways to get more CECs – did you get your AMT Update email from the National AMT office? Check it out! Lots of good info!

A reminder:  Do not forget that coming soon AMT Celebrates Dental Assistant Week, March 5-11 and National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week April 23rd – 29, and the Newsletter is due out in May. Get your articles in to me by end of February please!

Your leadership has been working very hard to offer excellent meeting content and to keep you, our members informed. Check out the AMT site, read your email updates and the FLSSAMT Newsletter, keep up your Continuing Education, record your credits in AMTRAX and let us know if you have employment opportunities or needs… we would like to help our members and employers get in touch.

Did you think I forgot something??  No, I just saved the best for last!  FLSSAMT GET READY FOR ZOMBIE
SEASON!  Get your supplies and food stores in order, your evacuation plan ready and your communication plan written down, clean up that yard and check the seals around your home. PRACTICE the plan.  As always, I will close with,

Stay Safe and Pay It Forward FLSSAMT

Kathleene Hardy, RMA

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