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Its time for us to elect our state officers again. As a current member you are entitled to vote for the individual that will represent your state for the next two years. Please make sure that you have either mailed or email your vote by no later then midnight on the 15th of November.

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Hello, Arizona Members!  I am sure this newsletter comes to you at the end of some definite high summer temperatures.  Arizona has definitely been a warm one this year……… I know it’s a dry heat.  But really, hot is hot, call it what you want.   Hopefully, you have taken advantage of some of the awesome continuing education opportunities that the AMT has to offer. This year continues to bring lots changes to the lab and RMA side of the house. Lots of changes happen at the federal level.  AMT continues to be our go-to source for clarification and direction as we accept these new changes.  The national office is very committed to representing all of our disciplines and to making sure we are getting the best out of any legislation.   At the state level, all has been somewhat quiet (knock on wood), and not much seems to be happening. It is our continued mission and vision of your 2015-2017 Executive Board to make your state society more accessible and transparent, in addition to being a useful tool for your success through continuing education. 

Growing our leadership is becoming the unofficial theme of both the national and state level boards.  As most of you know, the AMT has been certifying individuals for 78 years. Unfortunately, most of our leadership are approaching retirement age, if they have not have already retired.  We are hoping and looking for the younger generations to step up and take the helm of this wonderful organization and guide us through the next 78 years.  This year we have several state positions opening: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Editor.  If you are interested in running for any state positions, please email a letter of interest with your biography and a picture to newsletter editor Chloe Fox at froghenna@yahoo.com.

We are now in our 78th year as a national certifying body for over nine allied health disciplines.  The AMT continues to offer one of the highest levels of quality healthcare workers in the world.  As current members, it is our job to educate ourselves and strive to continue the success that AMT offers.  Over the past year, we have seen a large increase in medical assistants either returning to AMT for re-certification, or who are actually taking the test for the first time using the “Work Experience” route.  Please continue the great work in educating and explaining the reason that national certification is so important.

With national certification comes the responsibility to make ourselves the best we can be.  Many of our past AMT members who worked so hard for their national credentials have allowed them to lapse for various reasons.  Most of you know someone that has been or can be nationally certified through the AMT. As in the first year of my presidency, I continue to challenge each and every one of you to each to bring either an old member back or a new member to the AMT.

Your fall AZSSAMT educational meeting is being developed by our assembly committee.  Our assembly committee is excited about these new sessions and fully committed to making the fall session the best it can be for our members. We have some really inspiring speakers and updates lined up already.  

The National Convention was held in jazzy but humid Memphis, Tennessee, this year, from July 17-24.  The Historic Peabody Hotel and resort that the national office chose was absolutely beautiful and very relaxing. The historic march of the ducks was a daily hit for most.  Check out the ducks on the resort webpage www.peabody.com. This year, Arizona sent seven delegates to Memphis, and they all had a wonderfully fun and educational experience.  In typical AMT fashion, this conference was a success and offered a week of outstanding continuing education and networking.  The next AMT National Conference will be in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2017.  If you are interested in attending, please check out the conference website on the AMT homepage.

Our next meeting will be held October 7-8th, 2016, at the Windemere Resort at 5750 E Main St., in Mesa, Arizona. The telephone number there is 480-985-3600.  Reserve the date now--we look forward to seeing many of you on that day!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Vice President Dianna Ross.

Jeffrey Wooley, RMA (AMT)
President, AZSSAMT

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